Mitigator is a Vulnerability and Threat Management Platform for Network,

Cloud and Web Applications that makes tracking and remediating vulnerabilities easier. The centralized console allows you to analyze and track vulnerabilities, track threat trends and schedule remediation.

The fact is some vulnerabilities can’t be fully remediated and must be managed. Additionally, many applications today leverage open-source code. The Cloud and AI will bring new threats at velocity and zero days vulnerabilities will persist and assist Organized Cybercrime in monetizing threats.

Mitigator offers an interactive remediation management tool, streamlines reporting, and enhances the overall value of our assessments. It's versatile, serving both ad-hoc and ongoing assessment needs.

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, Mitigator is a white glove service, setting a new standard by offering comprehensive support and active involvement in the entire vulnerability management process.

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Features Include

  • Create Remediation tickets in your RMM with the click of a button.

  • A Centralized Dashboard to analyze vulnerabilities, track trends and schedule remediation.

  • Request “on-demand” Pen Testing of vulnerabilities.

  • Adjust risk scores based upon context and compensating controls to create accurate risk reporting.

  • Search for specific time periods and vulnerabilities.

  • Executive level reporting for 3rd parties and upper management and technical reporting with data exporting

  • Analyze vulnerabilities by asset and criticality

  • Request Remediation Assistance

  • Export vulnerability data by date, source, criticality etc.

  • Search by criticality

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Benefits include

  • Spot Vulnerabilities and track remediation quicker.

  • Achieve higher patch compliance levels. Run Authenticated scans to compare to Patch Management reports.

  • Improves your defense posture to create cyber resiliency.

  • Prevents the potential for lateral movement during a compromise.

  • Reduces your attack surface.

  • Stops duplicate findings on reports where remediation is complete to the highest level.

  • Both Technical and Executive Level Reporting in multiple file formats (HTML PDF & Word) for Upper Management, BOD, and external 3rd Parties.

  • Both Technical and Executive Level Reporting in multiple file formats (HTML, PDF & Word) for Upper Management, BOD, and external 3rd Parties.

  • Executive Level Reporting contains graphical representations of critical and high findings with a composite risk score. This report is designed to share upstream with BOD, Executives, and Auditors – written in a language they can appreciate!

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Pen Test Assist – Whether a’ la’ carte, or as part of our Enterprise Subscription, allow us to attempt that exploit and provide the results you need to accurately quantify the risk!


Remediation Assist – Not enough time in the day for remediation, or maybe a different skill is needed? No worries allow us to step-in and harden your environment when you need it most!


Virtual ISO (vISO) Assist – Auditors or Cyber Insurance Carriers asking for deliverables you don’t have or need assistance with? Or maybe your new to the ISO role and just need some coaching. Our vISO's have decades of experience in regulated industries and can advise you on the best path forward, and even assist with the deliverables themselves!


Our Policy & Program Center provides templates for Incident Response, Information Security, BCP and IT Policies


Our Cyber Security Awareness Training Center provides the course you need to educate your employees.


Designed with MSPs in mind!

  • White labeling allows you to brand the platform as your own!

  • Reporting branded for your MSP!

  • See all your clients’ vulnerabilities for multiple instances in one single pane of glass.

  • Multi-tenant environment with isolated databases.

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Multiple MSP Revenue Opportunities:

  • Create a new Managed Service by offering Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS).

  • Deliver one-time Cybersecurity Assessment consulting services.

  • Resell Mitigator as a Vulnerability Management platform to larger clients with in-house IT staff.

  • Become a Reseller, or Referral Partner!